Casablanca – The Redemption City

Image result for casablanca cityCasablanca is the most searched city in Morocco for visitors. The city is obviously very famous for its ancient colonial theme around which has been maintained the same since the late nineteenth century but now is known for many other reasons too. Earlier architecture made the city a living statement of enchantment, however now with so much development; it does not give away that impression anymore. However, the old downtown which is almost an hour away from the main Casablanca still displays the city we have known since it’s ancient times. The city has now become the powerhouse in Morocco for its trading ports. You must visit a few of these places.


The place is the attention seeking place around the city. The water shores here are absolutely amazing and the most relaxing point I might say on this earth. The shores, however, are now filled with some of the most impeccable resorts and hotels, the openings of which lie exactly parallel to the beaches. The hotels also offer you water sports and boating and kayaking. You can sign up for night kayaking around the beaches, it is immensely pleasant at the night time, with so much solemn and peace.


This is a very small village in the city and is often left ignored by the tourists, but it is a beauty I must say. The village is ironically historical to its old roots, with same old monuments that now have been turned into ruins. You can find several engraving messages in the walls of the ruins that were used as codes among the elementary rulers so not everyone knows what they don’t want to tell. You must visit the village at least once and roam around its streets to feel the ancient vibes of Casablanca.