Shinjuku: Come Explore The Wonderland

Tokyo’s most vibrant district and is the largest hub for the entertainment of Asia one of the most famous train stations of the world is what Shinjuku is known for! Always packed with foreigners this city is still easy to be explored.

Though a short trip, we managed to utilize it. We arrived here at night, and so the best first activity was to enjoy some good local food. We loved the Yakitori is chicken meat, and also sweets, cakes, and mochi are a must try!

Next morning it was the time for some real visits. We headed towards Shinjuku Gyoen; an extensive open beautifully cut gardens. It is so peaceful that we literally couldn’t imagine it being centrally located in the vibrant city of Shinjuku. Despite a large gush of tourists throughout the park, Shinjuku Gyoen remains a tranquil place. Also, it required a small fee to be paid at the entrance and was early closing around 16:00. Around Golden Gai, there is a historic place for all food and beer lovers! Though it is compact and with limited seats, but still worth it. The locals are extremely friendly here. We headed over to Tokyo Metropolitan Building next. The trip to Tokyo is incomplete without seeing the beautiful city from the top view. It looks like a sea of beautifully arranged, organized buildings – really spectacular and beautiful. We reached there at a dark hour, and Tokyo looks best during night time when transforms into an ocean of color.

Our next day involved a visit to Central Park- another green corner in the middle of the city, Shinjuku Don Quixote- a shop full of Japanese stuff and so cheap! It took us 3 hours, and it has such a good thing. Also Shomben Yokocho- known as Memory Lane!

Best stay

  • Keio Plaza Tokyo
  • Shinjuku Granbell
  • Hyatt Regency Tokyo