Visit Potsdam To Break Free From Bustling City Life

I was fed up visiting all the most important bustling cities on my trip to other countries. When I was on a visit to Germany, I decided to choose places that were not commonly chosen by visitors. My research led me to Potsdam, a small town about 35 kilometers from Berlin. This is a town that has gardens, palaces, lots of greenery and many attractions.

  • Sanssouci

My first stopover was at Sanssouci and this is a wonderful place that is surrounded by a lot of greenery. This world heritage site has an attractive looking yellow exterior. Get inside the palace to visit some of the best elaborate interiors and designs like the Picture Gallery, the Chinese House, and the New Palace. I also did not miss the activities outdoors. It featured park grounds, historical structures, and some amazing sights.

  • Filmpark Babelsberg

This is one of the largest and the oldest film studios in the world. You will get to know more about the golden age of German cinema by exploring this studio. Some of the 21st century blockbusters like The Grand Budapest Hotel, V for Vendetta, Valkyrie, etc., have been shot in this studio.

  • The Dutch Quarter

I was amazed to see the Dutch Quarter as it has about 134 red brick houses with shuttered windows and a white trim. They really stood apart and were a great visual to the eye. These were built between the years 1737 and 1742 by the Dutch engineers. This community has one of the largest collection of Dutch type houses and second only to the Netherlands. You will feel like you are in a Dutch town where you get to enjoy some of the best cafes, boutique shops, and restaurants.

  • Potsdamer Stadtschloss

This is a replica of the Prussian City Palace and was destroyed during the Second World War. Now, only the Fortuna Portal remains as part of the old building and this is the entrance to the compound. It was opened again in 2014 and only certain portions of the building are open to the public.