What has Changwon to Offer for Tourists?

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Changwon offers a wide range of attractions that includes wetland parks, fountains, museums, hot springs, etc. It is a great place to visit for artists, nature lovers, and for romantic travelers. 

Attractions in Changwon


  • Changdong Art Village


As an art lover, I liked what I saw at this redeveloped Chang-dong Street. The old vacant stores have been taken over by galleries and ateliers. It is now converted into a street of art and everyone who loves art or otherwise will surely like what they see here.  


  • Changwon City Museum


This is an art museum that comprises of three exhibition halls. It houses over 290 works that include sculptures and paintings. This museum is dedicated to popular artist Moon Shin.  


  • Changwon Marine Park


This is a very interesting marine park that has a wide array of shell collections. The main attraction is the marine solar tower that has 28 floors. You get a Birdseye view from the top. The solar panels filled on side of the huge tower and were a great sight. 


  • Burim Market


If you would like to do some wedding shopping and want to take some local stuff home, then visit this market. This is a traditional market where you get to buy all kinds of items like clothes, fruits, vegetables, etc. If you want, you can either rent out or but the traditional Korean dress handbook here. 


  • Sangsang-Gil road


This is a unique road that has names of the general public filled on it. This street is probably the only one in the world with such a feature. The names of 23,000 lucky people who have been chosen from millions of applicants both locally and internationally have been engraved on the road and this is a unique sight that you should not miss when visiting Changwon.